A nifty code snippet that will allow you to check for the availability of a command. Used this myself for a script, where I wanted to make sure a certain command was available before continuing the script execution. That being said; it was a bit of a pain to figure… Continue Reading Using Bash Script to Check if a Command exist

In this guide, I will be walking through the process of setting up a droplet from your own windows computer, using Digitalocean’s API tool Doctl. This is something that can help you automate certain processes, such as setting up testing environments or servers on demand. Perhaps you and your buddies would… Continue Reading Creating Digitalocean droplets on Windows using doctl

You may have encountered the term “system environment variables” from time to time. More specifically, system path environment variable. This is often talked about in context of running executable files via the command line / powershell window. In this example, I will demonstrate how you would install and run cmder from the command… Continue Reading How to set system path environment variable in Windows 10

I’ve recently found a playlist I wanted to “git pull” from YouTube, but realize it would take too long to use tools such as Keepvid, or any other MP3 fetchers online. Then I recalled that there is this neat little tool called youtube-dl, and decided to learn how to use it… Continue Reading Easy way to download music playlists from YouTube

Practice Question, Oracle Certified Associate: Java SE8 Programming (1Z0-808) Sometimes even the actual function of the easiest of methods (no pun intended) can elude us. How well do you know the behavior of java.util.ArrayList’s add and subList method? Q: What will the output be after code execution? Choose one answer:… Continue Reading Java SE8 Practice Question: ArrayList’s add and subList method

Practice Question, Oracle Certified Associate: Java SE8 Programming (1Z0-808) In this example, I will be going through an example of a Java SE Programming certification test. The topic is integer increment- and decrements using i++ and ++i. Q: What will the output be after code execution? Choose one answer: a) i: 2,… Continue Reading Practice Question to help understand the difference between i++ and ++i

Bridge Design Pattern The Bridge Pattern is designed for enhanced flexibility – a programming design choice that may cover future uncertainty by decoupling abstraction and implementation of code. It is part of a structural pattern, as it eases the design by making creating simpler relationships between the entities – allowing… Continue Reading Structural Design Pattern: The Bridge Pattern, using a Java Example

A short disclaimer: Keep in mind that Pluralsight does not give their users permission to download their videos. This is for educational purposes only. Use this knowledge at your own risk.   Someone asked me if I had any ideas of how they could download videos from Pluralsight. Not just… Continue Reading Easy way to download videos from Pluralsight

Not to long ago I stumbled across a neat web-site named Gitignore.io – a web-site dedicated to generate .gitignore files for your projects. Simply enter the name of your IDE, Programming Language or OS in order to create the .gitignore list of files and folders you may not want to commit.… Continue Reading Easily Generate gitignore Files For Your Projects

I was linked this article from Facebook, written by Quincy Larson on February 14, 2017, that points out several security vulnerabilities you and your devices may be exposed of during air travels. These vulnerable devices may include your smart-phone, laptop and possibly even your Amazon Kindle. I would highly recommend… Continue Reading Is your personal data safe during travels?