I aim to create several videos each week, answering your QA questions from Godot’s official QA section. I have two suggestions. One involves using a SamplePlayer and check whether or not it is playing. The other is to play the sound effect with an StreamPlayer and use the “finished” signal to… Continue Reading [QA – Godot Engine] Playing Music after SFX is done playing

The Player Controller with KinematicBody2D is a simple demonstration of how you can implement your own player in a platformer-style game. You can find a demo on my GitHub page. You can download the Source Code from my video tutorial here. A few differences between RigidBody2D and KinematicBody2D RigidBody2D is used when you want… Continue Reading [Godot Engine] Player Controller with KinematicBody2D

Godot Gameboy Shaders will make almost any game look like if it was played on an GameBoy. By fine tuning your configurations, you can change the look of your game. For a full demo of Godot Gameboy Shader, go to my GitHub page. You can download the Source Code from my video… Continue Reading [Godot Engine] Godot GameBoy Shaders

Marching Squares is an algorithm that allows us to determine which tile to place in order to get the best looking terrain, something similar to the image on the left. For a demo of Marching Squares, view my GitHub page. You can download the Source Code from my video tutorial here. Information before Implementation We begin by creating a… Continue Reading [Godot Engine] Marching Squares

These are little snippets of how you can convert between binary numbers and decimal numbers using GDScript.  Currently, as I am writing this post, there are no built-in functions for converting between them. Knowing that I am not the first in looking for this, and that I most certainly wont be the last,… Continue Reading [GDScript] Conversion between Binary / Decimal

Hello friends! After a week worth of development, me and my buddy YeOldeDM have managed to put together a puzzle game. A game heavily inspired from Chip’s Challenge, an old and classic puzzle game. The Team I only found out about #GBJAM5 a day or two before it started. There was a post… Continue Reading The Story behind Castle Baloneybeard

Castle Baloneybeard is an amazingly simple puzzle game! You are playing as the castle owner Baloneybeard in search of lost baloney, which you somehow misplaced.  (Or perhaps it was rats that took it away, we don’t really know at this point. Still under investigation.) Navigate through unavoidable puzzles as you scratch your head… Continue Reading Castle Baloneybeard v1.0