Practice Question, Oracle Certified Associate: Java SE8 Programming (1Z0-808) Sometimes even the actual function of the easiest of methods (no pun intended) can elude us. How well do you know the behavior of java.util.ArrayList’s add and subList method? Q: What will the output be after code execution? Choose one answer:… Continue Reading Java SE8 Practice Question: ArrayList’s add and subList method

A short disclaimer: Keep in mind that Pluralsight does not give their users permission to download their videos. This is for educational purposes only. Use this knowledge at your own risk.   Someone asked me if I had any ideas of how they could download videos from Pluralsight. Not just… Continue Reading Easy way to download videos from Pluralsight

I was linked this article from Facebook, written by Quincy Larson on February 14, 2017, that points out several security vulnerabilities you and your devices may be exposed of during air travels. These vulnerable devices may include your smart-phone, laptop and possibly even your Amazon Kindle. I would highly recommend… Continue Reading Is your personal data safe during travels?

Have you tried Castle Baloneybeard? 🙂 It is a game developed in Godot Engine together with my buddy YeOldeDM, during a 9 day long game jam hosted on I have written a short blog about the development of that game quite some time ago. Perhaps some of you might… Continue Reading Tried Castle Baloneybeard?

These are little snippets of how you can convert between binary numbers and decimal numbers using GDScript.  Currently, as I am writing this post, there are no built-in functions for converting between them. Knowing that I am not the first in looking for this, and that I most certainly wont be the last,… Continue Reading [GDScript] Conversion between Binary / Decimal

Hello friends! After a week worth of development, me and my buddy YeOldeDM have managed to put together a puzzle game. A game heavily inspired from Chip’s Challenge, an old and classic puzzle game. The Team I only found out about #GBJAM5 a day or two before it started. There was a post… Continue Reading The Story behind Castle Baloneybeard