Have you tried Castle Baloneybeard? 🙂

It is a game developed in Godot Engine together with my buddy YeOldeDM, during a 9 day long game jam hosted on itch.io.

I have written a short blog about the development of that game quite some time ago. Perhaps some of you might find it an interesting read.


The game was inspired by Chip’s Adventure, an old DOS game I recall playing on a Win95 a long time ago.
You can play the game for free on GameJolt or Itch.io. Only a few levels were made for it, so it should take no longer than ~10 minutes to complete it.
If you are a Godot Engineer, you can find the full source code on GitHub. Feel free to fork it!
I have definitely considered working more on the game. I would love to create a level creation toolkit that would allow anyone to create their own levels without any programming skills.
I have also thought about exporting it to Android, after refining the game further.
What’s holding me back you ask? I have existing projects that needs to be completed.

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