Hello everyone!

There will be a greater delay between each of my videos in order to focus on a personal development project that I am working on.
This was triggered by getting in an economical “tough” spot, which have changed my priorities a bit. That being said, it does not mean I will stop making videos. It will just take a bit longer between each and every video. Well, much longer compared to before.

I am also spending my time actively looking for certain job opportunities to get my foot into “the industry”.
The few jobs I have applied for are jobs that interests me on a more personal level – which would be jobs I would love to work with even for free in return for the experience.
Realistically speaking, of course, I will need to find a job that provides me with the necessary funds needed to live “comfortably” (oh’ the silly human weaknesses that we all have).

Meanwhile, I will keep spending my free time exercising, learning via Pluralsight, and work on my project. I hope to have my first stable version within a couple of weeks. What I lack in experience, I make up for with time and effort put into learning! 🙂

I am slowly working on replacing this dull looking web-site with a nice and clean site. Things may change without notice.
I may even break the entire server temporarily – I like to do that from time to time!
(Update: Done!)

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